Chi Enhancing Pyramid — Large Silver Flower of Life
Chi Enhancing Pyramid — Large Silver Flower of Life

Chi Enhancing Pyramid — Large Silver Flower of Life

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Chi Enhancing Pyramid with Shungite and Flower of Life. Cured to 528hz love frequency. 3.25" width x 2.5" high

In the 1930's, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, dubbed the "father of orgonomy" was able to detect and measure the existence of creative life force energy and built devices to gather this energy to successfully treat individuals suffering from a number of physical imbalances. He recreated this orgone energy (also called chi, prana, universal life force energy, zero point energy, etc.) by constructing devices that alternate varying layers of organic and inorganic substances.

In more recent times, Karl Hans Welz, a lifelong student and inventor of life force technology, has continued Reich's work using his principles. He has coined the term "orgonite" for these devices.

Each pyramid created by MegEssentials is composed of various layers of metal with a single terminated quartz crystal embedded within. Frankincense essential oil is mixed into the resin before pouring to increase the vibratory outcome although the scent when cured is not palpable.

When the resin cures, the quartz is compressed, creating a stronger piezoelectric effect which is responsible for the continuous supply of chi energy. Also, during the curing process, the mixture is exposed to 528hz tone frequency, Tri Sage Smudge Spray or Palo Santo Cleansing Spray (and singing birds)!

  • increases your life force energy (like "solid Reiki")
  • transmutes negative energy to positive chi energy
  • aids in spiritual development
  • can balance your emotional and mental states
  • hematite can calm stress and aid in grounding and focus 
  • shungite absorbs radioactivity, EMF radiation and negativity
  • yellow opal symbolizes success, creativity, confidence and personal power                                                                                                                

Gift yourself, your family, friend or co-worker with this chi enhancing device for any occasion.

Due to the nature of the curing process, slight "imperfections" may occur such as slight bubbling, pitting or scratching, etc. and are normal and do not alter the effectiveness of this device.


Placing this device in your environment does not take the place of professional, mental and physical health care.