Om with Jade Lava Bead Diffuser Earrings

Om with Jade Lava Bead Diffuser Earrings

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These Om lava bead diffuser earrings comes with an 8mm lava bead, 6mm green jade bead and antique silver plated charm that measures 22mm x 14mm.

Jade Qualities:
  • lucky stone brings love, material wealth and health into your life;
  • provides harmony, balance, love and protection in doing so
  • anti-aging, strengthens life force and promotes cell regeneration
  • a great abundance stone for career/business
  • aids in recall of ancient wisdom

      Cooled from molten volcanic rock many years ago, lava stones carry Fire and Earth properties, creating a wonderful tool for grounding stability.
      Wearing lava bead jewelry is a natural way to balance and ground using a 3-power punch of lava, gemstones and essential oils. The stone's porous surface easily absorbs the oil, allowing the scent to last generally for 1 to 3 days.

      It's perfect for someone who uses essential oils, or for you just to wear!

      Simply add 1-2 drops using your finger, a Q-tip or directly from the bottle to a lava bead.

      Enjoy the aroma as needed throughout the day.

      TIP: Never leave home without wearing one or more types of lava bead jewelry!


      Gemstone properties listed here are to be viewed solely as educational, inspirational and spiritual in nature and not to be used as a substitute for sound healthcare advice from your medical practitioner.