Cross Amethyst Lava Bead Diffuser Necklace

Cross Amethyst Lava Bead Diffuser Necklace

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The Cross Amethyst lava bead diffuser necklace comes with an 8mm lava bead, 6mm amethyst bead and a silver-plated antique style charm that measures 23mm x 14mm.

Amethyst Qualities:
  • accelerates intuitve abilities
  • aids in meditation
  • encourages spiritual connections
  • soothes mental and emotional distress
  • releases addictions
  • supports healthy sleep
  • balances all chakras

      Cooled from molten volcanic rock many years ago, lava stones carry Fire and Earth properties, creating a wonderful tool for grounding stability.
      Wearing lava bead jewelry is a natural way to balance and ground using a 3-power punch of lava, gemstones and essential oils. The stone's porous surface easily absorbs the oil, allowing the scent to last generally for 1 to 3 days.

      It's perfect for someone who uses essential oils, or for you just to wear!

      Simply add 1-2 drops using your finger, a Q-tip or directly from the bottle to a lava bead.

      Enjoy the aroma as needed throughout the day.

      Comes with an 18" black waxed cotton faux leather chain.

      TIP: Never leave home without wearing one!


      Gemstone properties listed here are to be viewed solely as educational, inspirational and spiritual in nature and not to be used as a substitute for sound healthcare advice from your medical practitioner.