Gemstone Kit: 9 Chakra Balance
Gemstone Kit: 9 Chakra Balance
Gemstone Kit: 9 Chakra Balance

Gemstone Kit: 9 Chakra Balance

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9 Chakra Balance Gemstone Kit. Comes with 9 Chakra stones and a 4" sage stick.

These stones carry within them vibrational properties that balance and align the 9 chakra energy centers.

SOUL STAR: Selenite 

  • AFFIRM: I am in tune with my High Self.

CROWN: Amethyst

  • AFFIRM: I am One with All That Is.

THIRD EYE: Lapis Lazuli

  • AFFIRM: I am intuitive and awaken to trusting what I see.

THROAT: Sodalite

  • AFFIRM: I am an expression of my Truth.

HEART: Rose Quartz

  • AFFIRM: I am Love and Love unconditionally.


  • I am Powerful!

SACRAL: Tiger Eye

  • I am strong, confident and creative.

ROOT: Black Tourmaline

  • I am well nourished and supported by Earth

EARTH STAR: Nuummite

  • I am in harmony with the Earth Mother



  • lay stones on your chakras
  • hold one while meditating
  • carry one or more in your pocket or purse
  • arrange on a crystal grid
  • place on your chakra centers while using tuning forks
  • use with Reiki, etc.
  • smudge stones before each use
  • makes a great gift for self or others





Gemstone properties listed here are to be viewed solely as educational, inspirational and spiritual in nature and not to be used as a substitute for sound healthcare advice from your medical practitioner.