Sacred Selections Smudge Kit
Sacred Selections Smudge Kit

Sacred Selections Smudge Kit

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Sacred Selection Smudge Kit. Includes a sage stick, loose sweetgrass, loose cedar, palo santo, lavender and an abalone shell


WHITE SAGE BUNDLE is used for cleansing your self, others, objects and any area of space from negativity.

SWEETGRASS is often burned after sage to attract positive vibrational energies to fill an area of space.

CEDAR is traditionally used for house blessings to clear and replace unwanted energies to those of harmony and balance.

Palo Santo ("Holy Stick/Wood") has a long tradition of spiritual cleansing and purifying use by the incas in ancient times. Offers healing and protective energies. Can be relit many times.

LAVENDER offers a soothing and calming environment.