Tri Sage Smudge Spray
Tri Sage Smudge Spray
Tri Sage Smudge Spray

Tri Sage Smudge Spray

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Tri Sage Smudge Spray is formulated not only to cleanse and protect your aura, personal space and environment using a powerful 3 sage blend, but also to add the vibratory signature of 7 harmonizing and balancing gemstones and crystals.
This popular spray contains a tincture of white sage that's created during a 6- to 8-week moon cycle and scented with a hint of the tranquil properties of Lavender essential oil.

White Sage: Cleansing and Protection
Common Sage: Healing and Wisdom
Black Canyon Sage: Grounding and Calming
Lavender: Promotes Peace and Inner Calm
Amethyst Essence: Enhances Spiritual Awareness
Black Tourmaline: Transmutes harmful energies
Citrine: Manifesting aid to attaining Joy and Abundance
Hematite: Eliminates negativity
Quartz Crystal: Harmonizing
Rose Quartz: Balances and Heals Heart issues; Promotes Unconditional Love
Smokey Quartz: Grounds and neutralizes non-beneficial energies including Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation

  • Clear any space of negative energies, including home, office, hotel, vehicle, etc.
  • In between clientscustomers or guests
  • Cleanse your aura
  • Clear, protect and bless a new home
  • Use after a quarrel
  • Refreshen air
  • Clear gemstones and crystals
  • Before meditation or yoga
  • Before sacred ritual
TIP: Start out your day misting yourselfyour work area and materials before starting a project -- it sets the tone just right! It also makes a great house warming gift!
* handmade item
* Materials/ingredients: pure water, white sage tincture, black canyon sage essence, common sage essential oil, 7 gemstone essences, lavender essential oil. 4 oz bottle