Tumbled Healerite
Tumbled Healerite
Tumbled Healerite

Tumbled Healerite

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Tumbled Healerite (Noble Serpentine). average stone measures 1.5" x 1.25"


  • Healerite is one of the STRONGEST healing stones on the planet that has been made available to us now; a.k.a. Noble Serpentine, it has a brighter healing vibration than regular serpentine
  • heals past emotional wounds (even from past lives)
  • activates the heart chakra to bring expansive joy and love
  • increases your meridian chi or life force
  • restructures out of balance chakras
  • makes you just feel "lighter"
  • newly discovered, unique find found ONLY in Washington State, USA
  • soft velvety feel





Gemstone properties listed here are to be viewed solely as educational, inspirational and spiritual in nature and not to be used as a substitute for sound healthcare advice from your medical practitioner.