ZenTrility Essential Oil Roll-On
ZenTrility Essential Oil Roll-On

ZenTrility Essential Oil Roll-On

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Balancing, Stress Relief, Harmonizing
A simple roll of this alluring blend of soothing, balancing oils will transform your hectic stress-filled day into the realm of moment-to-moment existence. The heady, exotic scent of Ylang Ylang laced with the warm, herbacious qualities of Thyme work together to subdue stress-related emotions and restore inner tranquility to your mind, body and spirit.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using distilled aromatic plants to enhance and improve your physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. MegEssential's 100% therapeutic pure essential oil roll-on blends were lovingly created for you to use the power of scent in your everyday life. Treat yourself or a friend for any occasion!

Carry in your purse or pocket.


Roll on:
  •  temples
  •  inside wrist
  •  back of neck
  •  bottoms of feet
  •  cupped hands to inhale
  •  under nose
* handmade item
* volume: 10 ml
* materials/ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, orange, cedarwood, ho wood, lavender, thyme and ylang ylang essential oils, 10 ml cobalt blue glass roll-on 

These blends are diluted with coconut oil for safe and easy application. However, it's wise to put a little on your skin to check for possible skin sensitivity. Roll on your inner forearm or wrist for 12-24 hours. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Information on this website is for educational purposes only and not meant to diagnose, cure, heal or prevent any disease. Keep away from children. Not for internal use. If pregnant or nursing or have any allergies, consult your healthcare practitioner before using. Not FDA evaluated. MegEssentials takes no responsibility for any harmful consequences that may occur as a result of using these applications. Use at your own risk. Thank you for understanding.